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The Colony 2174 is an engaging deck-building and dice-rolling game that challenges players to establish a thriving settlement on a newly discovered planet, utilizing the scarce resource known as Novinium.

Designed for 2 to 4 players, a typical game session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Victory in The Colony 2174 hinges on the construction of four crucial Colony structures: the Reactor, Biodome, Portal, and Orbital Station.

Beware, however, as failure to erect these structures or losing all owned structures due to in-game events can result in defeat.

The Story:
Set in the year 2174, The Colony 2174 unfolds against the backdrop of a universe where Novinium, a prized mineral, serves as the linchpin of every economy within the Union of Federated Planets.

With the discovery of a rich vein of Novinium on the desolate and hostile Fury 1228, hordes of colonists are flocking to the planet, presenting a daunting challenge to you as a Colony Director for the United Corporations.

Navigate wisely through the challenges, manage your Novinium resources effectively, and ensure a steady supply to prevent your colony from faltering in the face of adversity.

Are you prepared to undertake the monumental task of building... The Colony?


The Colony 2174 marks the debut board game release from Gobbo Games and is currently available for purchase on The Game Crafter platform. The game's inception traces back to Quinton Delpeche's experimentation with game mechanics for a real-time strategy (RTS) concept.

Delpeche's journey began with the printing of various structures onto cards, each assigned with numerical values, as part of his mechanics testing. Through this process, coupled with the integration of dice mechanics, he swiftly recognized the emergence of a fully-fledged board game, thus giving birth to The Colony 2174.


  • Colony Structures: These cards serve as the cornerstone of your colony, representing essential structures required for victory. Each card features two sides: one displaying the completed structures and the other showing them as yet unbuilt.
  • Structure Cards: Available in four distinct colors, these cards denote different phases of a turn in which they can be activated. Each card features an Activation Target ranging from 2 to 15, excluding 1, 9, and 16. To activate a structure and utilize its features, players must roll the corresponding number on the dice during their Activation Roll.
  • Event Cards: These cards introduce unpredictable events occurring on the planet. They come into play when players fail to roll an Activation Target during their turn's Activation Roll.
  • Influence Cards: Representing players' ability to influence dice rolls, these cards can be played whenever any player (including the one holding the card) makes a dice roll.
  • Novinium Tokens: Players typically maintain a Novinium Stockpile, consisting of Novinium Tokens placed in front of them. Additional Novinium is stored in a pile within easy reach of all players, referred to as the Resource Pile.
  • Target Tokens: Denominated from 1 to 16 units, Target Tokens signify the Activation Target intended for a specific structure. These tokens are exclusively applicable to structures marked with a "Tt" on the Activation Target section of the card.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Received a 93.5 out of 100 for the Art Test on The Game Crafter." The Game Crafter, 8 February, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Brilliant game! Not like anything I have played before. Easy to learn and the rules are very clear. Graphics are cool and crisp. It would be nice if I could win a game though."
    - AmyZombieHunter, The Game Crafter
  • "Very enjoyable game, A lot of strategy and skill involved to get to your goal... Had a blast playing it..."
    - SashenR, The Game Crafter
  • "Played the game twice, each time the game was different and enjoyable. Easy to learn and game times vary, so replay value is great. Love the graphics. The game dynamics are awesome and makes for a very strategic game, with some required luck thrown in for good measure. Make sure your dice rolling skills are excellent otherwise you will be left behind in the dust."
    - MadTaz15, The Game Crafter
  • "The Colony is really easy to pick up and play, but also has a subtle depth to it. It's a lot of fun to play and the artwork is great! Can't wait to get my hands on my own set."
    - DrDeth, The Game Crafter
  • "This is so much fun to play! No two games are the same, and you have to be on your toes when playing and pray that luck is in your favour. Works well as a 2 player and a 4 player game, and is a great game. Love the artwork!"
    - sparx, The Game Crafter

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As our journey progressed, we expanded our expertise to encompass virtual reality, simulators, and enterprise development, catering not only to the gaming community but also to corporate clients seeking innovative solutions. Drawing from a wealth of experience in enterprise development, high-availability game services, and gamification, we offer a distinctive approach to software architecture and development, setting us apart from our competitors.

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