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February, 2008


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Riders Of Asgard
Respawn Tournament
The Colony 2174

166 Humewood Drive
Cape Town
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South Africa

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Gobbo Games emerged as an Independent Game Development company, introducing titles like "The Colony 2174" and "Riders of Asgard." Subsequently, our expertise expanded into Virtual Reality and Simulators consulting, revealing potential applications for corporate clients.

Leveraging our collective proficiency in Enterprise Development, High Availability Game Services, and Gamification, we present a distinctive service that redefines Software Architecture and Development paradigms compared to our competitors.

Our operational base resides in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Our ethos revolves around crafting enterprise-ready, stable, and scalable software solutions, coupled with delivering high-quality and cost-effective games.

Our principal objective centers on providing clients with an unparalleled development journey, furnishing tailored software solutions within budgetary and scheduling constraints.

In parallel, we nurture a secondary ambition: to craft top-notch, affordable games that deliver optimal entertainment value. As an Independent Game Development Studio, our focus remains unwavering — developing games we passionately desire to play ourselves.


The beginning

Gobbo Games was founded in 2008 by Quinton Delpeche, while he was doing the Game Developers Course from Train2Game in the United Kingdom. Shortly after that Matthew Leach, who was a long time friend of Quinton's, joined the team and they started working on the Soul Wars project. With no resources, space or money, they continued doing their normal day jobs and worked tirelessly on Soul Wars as part of their portfolio project for the Train2Game course. Unfortunately in 2009, personal circumstances forced Quinton to leave the United Kingdom and drop out of the Train2Game course, but this was not the end of Gobbo Games.

Back in South Africa

After getting his life back in order, Quinton Delpeche rekindled the Soul Wars project and continued to forge ahead on his own. In early 2010 the initial prototype for Soul Wars was finished but was never released to players. Quinton felt that the engine chosen, Torque 3D, was not in a position to create the game that Matthew and him had envisioned and so he decided to shelve the project and focus on a few other projects instead.

Re-Spawn was born

Although Quinton initially came up with the concept of Re-Spawn while working on Soul Wars with Matthew, it wasn't until late 2010 that Quinton spent a month in sabbatical to work on the Re-Spawn prototype. In Early 2011 he released the prototype to a few select individuals who gave the prototype a very favourable response. Quinton decided that this was going to be his focus for the foreseeable future and began to work on the first Alpha release of the game. Matthew returned back to South Africa during this period as well and was welcomed back to the Gobbo Games fold.

Kaboom Arena came to light

It was Matthew that suggested Gobbo Games focus on smaller games first in order to start building their reputation. After a few initial trial projects, Kaboom Arena was born. The game is currently still being developed aqnd the team plans to launch the game through Steam Greenlight before the end of 2016. It was during this time that Karl Muller joined the Gobbo Games family. The plan is to eventually Steam Greenlight Re-Spawn Tournament as well.

The Colony 2174 is released

Quinton initially started working on The Colony 2174 as an RTS prototype and needed a way to try and test the game mechanics. He started using printed cards and soon realised that he had actually made a complete board game in the process. After some refining and many sessions of testing, The Colony 2174 was born and in January 2016 it was officially published to The Game Crafter for purchase.

Riders of Asgard is released

Riders of Asgard was initially created by Karl Muller who is a co-founder of Gobbo Games and handles all the sound design for Gobbo Games. After showing Quinton the game, they both felt that they had a game with huge potential and decided to focus on getting the game released. By February 2016, they had playable version and by August 2016, they were ready to release the game on Steam Greenlight. On the 7th September 2016, Riders of Asgard was succesfully greenlit and development moved in to high gear as Karl and Quinton started working on adding all the Leader Board and Steam features to the game. On the 31st March 2017, the game was released on Steam.

Gamification and Virtual Reality

Gobbo Games starts using their combined experience to provide Gamification and Virtual Reality consulting to some corporate clients who were wanting to embrace these new concepts within their organisation. This culminated in Gobbo Games realising that a lot of the enterprise development they had been doing for their games were highly suitable for corporate clients who required stable and scalable solutions. On the 1st September 2018, Quinton Delpeche decided to start pursuing Gobbo Games business full time and has been providing consulting and bespoke development work to corporate customers since then.

Re-Spawn Tournament rises from the ashes

Re-Spawn Tournament was initially developed and released for testing on the Torque 3D engine and received some favorable feedback but unfortunately the Torque 3D engine went through a bit of a rocky time. It was then that Gobbo Games switched to Unreal Engine and released Riders of Asgard. It has been a few years since then but Gobbo Games felt the time was right to release Re-Spawn Tournament. On the 1st September 2022, the game was released on Steam as an Early Access title.



Re-Spawn Tournament - Early Access Trailer for Free for All YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Re-Spawn selected by Torque 3D Steering Committee for display on their landing page" - Via Email, 14 March, 2014

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Quinton Delpeche
Founder & Go-To Guy

Karl Muller
Game Designer & Sound Superhero

Matthew Leach
Game Developer & Code Ninja

Shirley Plant
Keeper of the Words

Nanette Giquel
Game Tester



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